WHO updates its list of drug-resistant bacteria most threatening to human health

As everyone knowsAMR occurs when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites no longer respond to medicines, making people sicker and increasing the risk of disease spread, illness and deaths. AMR is driven in large part by the misuse and overuse of antimicrobials.

In this context, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently updates its Bacterial Priority Pathogens List (BPPL) 2024.

Thislist includes 15 families of antibiotic-resistant bacteria grouped into critical, high and medium categories for prioritization. The list provides guidance on the development of new and necessary treatments to stop the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

“Since the first Bacterial Priority Pathogens List was released in 2017, the threat of antimicrobial resistance has intensified, eroding the efficacy of numerous antibiotics and putting many of the gains of modern medicine at risk.”, notably specified Yukiko Nakatani, SWHO’s Assistant Director-General for Antimicrobial Resistance ad interim, in a press release. A publication of growing importance in today’s world

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