PROMISE – Professional community network on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

PROMISE – Méta-réseau One Health de lutte contre l’antibiorésistance en France

Launched in November 2021, PROMISE brings together the main players involved in the fight against antibiotic resistance in France (25 networks and 42 academic partners) within a large One Health meta-network. PROMISE aims to build interactions between actors usually working in silos and will allow members to share their practices, expertise and knowledge, as well as to develop their actions.

PROMISE is structured around 9 specific objectives and 7 thematic working groups. Through its action, PROMISE aims to improve resistance monitoring in France, to promote data, skills and knowledge sharing, and to improve clinical and preclinical research in France.

Latest news

The latest notable news around the PROMISE meta-network, antibiotic resistance and the One Health approach.

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