Warehouse Working Group


The goal of the “Warehouse” working group is twofold. Firstly, it aims at producing a data warehouse that gathers all the data of the project partners. This warehouse will be accessible to the partners for querying it and will be updated regularly to take into account new data from each source.

Secondly, we will set up queries for different use cases that will be identified during the project. These use cases will involve different data sources in order to propose results that are not yet reachable by considering the sources individually. This unified approach will help to achieve the “One Health” objectives of PROMISE.

The data will be accessible via a website that will interface with the warehouse, for simple queries or update requests, as well as for use case analysis requests.


The activities resulting from the objectives are multiple:

  • Census of data from networks/partners.
  • Interviews of data referents in the partners to catalog the different schemas and vocabularies.
  • Proposal of a unified vocabulary for the construction of the warehouse.
  • Definition of the warehouse schema.
  • Implementation of scripts to load data from each source.
  • Implementation of the interface website.
  • Implementation of the warehouse.
  • Participation in the definition of the analysis queries for the use cases, with a study of the possibilities offered by data mining.
  • Definition and implementation of queries for use cases.

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