Context & Objectives

The One Health concept

The Covid-19 crisis reminded us the danger associated with infectious diseases and zoonoses (animal-borne diseases communicable to humans).

This pandemic invits us to reconsider our vision of Health and to acknowledge the link between the human, animal and environemental health ; a concept known as “One Health”. This concept advocates for a transectorial and collaborative approach, relying on knowledge and skill sharing, to better face critical Public Health issues.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most concerning Public Health issue. This silent pandemic kills 1.3 millions people each year. Bacteria have no borders : they can disseminate between different ecosystems, different countries and can even exchange resistances through mobile genitic elements.

To efficently stop the propagation of resistances between humans, animals and environmental ecosystems, we can only rely on a One Health approach involving professionnals from all three sectors.

PROMISE objectives

Finances by the French priority research program on antimicrobial resistance, PROMISE aims at creating a true One Health community in France by gathering all the main professionnal networks working on antimicrobial resistance under the same banner.

Thus, PROMISE gathers 25 networks and 42 academic partners from all 3 sectors (human, animal and environement).

PROMISE will help building connections between actors usually working in silo, will favor knowledge and skill sharing and will allow to coordinate actions aroung 9 common priority issues.

PROMISE enjeux objectifs antibiorésistance
Priority issues (french)

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