Communication/Awareness raising Working Group


This working group brings together 6 networks involved in training, awareness raising and communication activities around antibiotic resistance and/or the proper use of antibiotics:


  • Anne-Gaëlle Venier (Mission MATIS)
  • Florence Lieutier Colas (Cpias Grand-Est & AntibioEst CRAtb Grand Est)


Their audiences are different and complementary: junior and senior prescribers, pharmacists, and other health professionals (human health, animal health), water managers, general public, etc.

They already use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and their websites.

By working together, these networks will be able to increase awareness of the general public on this issue, inform their own network, but also pharmaceutical companies, decision-makers, institutions, patient associations to change practices.


  • Promote the sharing of information, knowledge and skills
  • Strengthen the skills of network members
  • Make people aware of antimicrobial resistance and One Health.

What progress?

Activities in 2022

  • Exploratory work on the representations of antimicrobial resistance among PROMISE members
    • Method: semi-directed interviews with a sample of 23 experts from each PROMISE network
    • Identification of unifying and consensual points, points not mastered by all and courses of action 
  • Organization of a seminar to bring together scientific, political and industrial actors around the issue of the ecological impact of antibiotics, discuss the feasibility of the production of antibiotics in an eco-responsible way, the relocation of production of antibiotics in France and in Europe and the possibility to introduce environmental criteria in the choice of antibiotics distributed in France.
  • Publication of articles
    • Véronique Mondain 1Nicolas Retur 2Benjamin Bertrand 3Florence Lieutier-Colas 4Philippe Carenco 5Sylvain Diamantis 6. Advocacy for Responsible Antibiotic Production and Use. Antibiotics (Basel) 2022 Jul 20;11(7):980. doi: 10.3390/antibiotics11070980
    • Diamantis S, Retur N, Bertrand B, Lieutier-Colas F, Carenco P, Mondain V, On Behalf Of Promise Professional Community Network On Antimicrobial Resistance. The Production of Antibiotics Must Be Reoriented: Repositioning Old Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics, Developing New Microbiome-Sparing Antibiotics. Antibiotics (Basel) 2022 Jul 8;11(7):924. doi: 10.3390/antibiotics11070924
  • Design of a short film to describe the life cycle of antibiotics and raise awareness on the environmental impact of antibiotic production, project led by ANEPF.


  • Define a communication plan for professionals and the general public (GP)
    • to standardize our knowledge within the network
    • to make the GP aware about antibiotic resistance
  • Produce content for the PROMISE website
  • Write a summary note and a scientific article following the seminar on the ecological impact of the antibiotics
  • Organize a follow-up to this seminar in 2023 or 2024
  • Build a video on the life cycle of antibiotics from its manufacture to its release into the environment for the GP

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