University degree: DU “Antibiotic resistance and global One Health approach”


Antibiotic resistance is a major public health problem affecting the human, animal and environmental spheres. This scourge is responsible for 1.3 million deaths per year worldwide. Effectively combating antibiotic resistance requires a transversal One Health approach involving human, animal and environmental health professionals.

This is why, as part of its missions, PROMISE launched in November 2023 a University Degree (DU) on Antibiotic Resistance and the One Health global approach.

This DU carried by the University of Limoges with the support of the University of Tours and the Institut Pasteur est une formation professionnalisante, 100% distanciel et asynchrone (pas de connexion à heure fixe), accessible en formation initiale ou continue.

This diploma course is aimed at professionals in human, animal and environmental health (human and animal health practitioners, epidemiologists, hospital executives, water managers, etc.), researchers, professionals or students in political science.

Objectives and program

The training has multiple objectives. In particular, it aims to help professionals:

  • Understanding the One Health dynamic of antibiotic resistance;
  • Understand the benefits of good practices in the use of antibiotics and infection prevention in different sectors;
  • Understand the epidemiology of resistance according to sectors;
  • Become aware of the public health dimension of One Health and antibiotic resistance
  • Know how to communicate your results and actions;
  • Manage One Health projects.

Key figures

The DU “Antibiotic resistance and global One Health approach” is:

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