A special issue from Productions Animales, led by INRAE, devoted to antibiotic resistance.

In France, the two EcoAntibio ministerial plans launched in 2011 and 2017 managed to reduce significantly the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. This mobilization around antibiotic resistance allowed:

      • to improve good stewardship pratices in livestock,
      • to strengthen preventive measures (biosecurity, vaccination),
      • to modify livestock practices in consultation with breeders and veterinary practitioners within the various sectors,
      • to develop alternative products to antibiotics and antiparasitics (plant extracts, essential oils, organic acids, prebiotics, probiotics, etc.).

A special issue from Productions Animales is devoted to the work undertaken, results achieved and prospects, thanks to this mobilization of public authorities, public and private research organisations, technical institutes and various actors from the animal sector.

This special issue is available here.

Enjoy your reading !

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