Clinical Research Working Group


The CLINICAL RESEARCH Working Group of PROMISE gathers the clinical research networks in infectious diseases in France (REA-REZO, OutcomeRéa, RENARCI and CRICS-TRIGGERSEP) and the national veterinary schools (ENVA, Oniris, ENVT and VetAgroSup).

In order to meet the objectives of the meta-network, this Working Group defined the following roadmap:

  • Participate in the design and implementation of the data warehouse, via the REA-REZO and OutcomeRéa networks;
  • Design more relevant clinical trials based on epidemiological data, in order to initiate protocols with a greater therapeutic impact and a One Health dimension;
  • Facilitate the clinical development of molecules in the fundamental pipeline, in conjunction with the emerging AntibioDEAL network;
  • Finally, in the longer term, to set up a clinical trials platform in Infectiology based on a master protocol, and in collaboration with industrial stakeholders.


The missions that follow from these objectives are:

  • To collect data from the different networks on antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance via a simple questionnaire
  • To strengthen the conduct/development of clinical trials testing innovative drugs thanks to the epidemiological information from the networks
  • To establish an innovative approach to conducting clinical trials on antibiotic resistance
  • To improve the impact of antibiotic use and bacterial ecology outcomes related to antibiotic prescribing
  • To highlight problems of clinical importance by linking epidemiology and clinical research
  • To establish a dedicated clinical infectious disease research trial platform to continuously enroll patients in a study protocol targeting antibiotic resistance.

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