Coordination team


Marie-Cécile Ploy is a microbiologist, leader of the INSERM 1092 unit. Her research focuses on the genetic elements involved in the dissemination of resistances between reservoirs (human-animal-environment) and the various factors impacting this dissemination. She also work on the characterization of environmental biomarkers to better assess the impact of this reservoir on AMR transmission. During 3 years, she has coordinated the European Joint Action on antimicrobial resistance and healthcare associated infections (EU-JAMRAI). She has also coordinated, for the past 20 years, the French observatory network of pneumococcus.

Bruno François is an intensive care specialist, coordinating the Clinical Research Center of the Limoges hospital. He is interested in the development of innovative strategies and molecules to treat severely ill patients (septic choc patient in particular). He also work on therapeutic strategies involving monoclonal antibodies to treat Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. Bruno François is also involved in several European networks dealing with clinical research (ECRAID, COMBACTE…).

Project manager

After a PhD in science and several years of research on antimicrobial resistance, Yohann Lacotte has coordinated the work package « Research & innovation » during the EU-JAMRAI project. Building on successful experiences, Yohann will be PROMISE project manager.

Coordination team

Professor and researcher at the INSERM 1092 unit, Christophe Dagot is an expert on water management and antimicrobial resistance in the environment. He has been involved in numerous national and international projects in the field.

With experience as coordinator/project manager within the “Artificial Intelligence and Well-Aging” Chair at the University of Limoges, Sophie Boyer joined the Clinical Research Center of the Limoges hospital as clinical project manager.

Olivier Barraud is a medical microbiologist strongly involved in translational and clinical research with the collaboration of the Clinical Research Center of the Limoges hospital. He is part of the French network of young microbiologists.

As a pharmacist, coordinating the Clinical Research Center of the Limoges hospital, Elodie Pfender has a strong experience in the management of national and international projects.

Administrative support

Secretary at the Clinical Research Center of the Limoges hospital, Tifenn Le Naour closely work with the Europe department and brings administrative support to several projects.

Management assistant within the INSERM 1092 unit, Cindy Demay had the opportunity to work on several national and international projects.

Communication assistant within the INSERM 1092 unit, Geoffrey Couraud is community manager for the PROMISE project and works on all aspects relating to communication (website, newsletter, graphic and editorial production, etc.).

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