Training Working Group


This working group brings together 3 actors: University of Limoges, University of Tours and Institut Pasteur.

These 3 entities all develop training courses (Masters, MOOCs) on antimicrobial resistance and/or One Health independently. Together, they aim to create training tools on antimicrobial resistance for professionals from the 3 sectors (human, animal, environment).


The objective of this working group is twofold:

  • Update the MOOCs on antimicrobial resistance, from the Pasteur Institute, to make it more One Health.
  • Create training tools on antimicrobial resistance for professional.

What progress?

Pasteur Institute MOOCs on antimicrobial resistance

With the support of PROMISE, the Pasteur Institute launched, in January 2023, an updated version of their MOOCs on antimicrobial resistance. Information and registration on this free 20-hour training.

Antibiotic resistance and One Health global approach DIU

The Universities of Limoges and Tours have also joined forces to create and launch, in 2023, a professionalizing Inter-University Diploma (DIU), entitled “Antibiotic resistance and One Health global approach(flyer in french). This 100-hour diploma course allows to:

  • Better understand the One Health dynamics of antimicrobial resistance,
  • Understand the interest of good stewardship and infection prevention in the different sectors,
  • Know the public health dimension of antimicrobial resistance and One Health,
  • Know how to communicate results and actions.
  • Manage One Health projects

It targets professionals from the human, animal and environmental health professions (human and animal health professionals, water managers, epidemiologists, researchers, etc.) or with a training in political science.

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