Inter-network clinical research protocol on the development of new anti-infectious agents


One of the pillars to circumvent antimicrobial resistance is the development of new anti-infective agents. Given the lack of understanding of the scientific data necessary to successfully develop new antibacterial agents, and in light of this dire need for new antibacterial molecules, it is essential to rethink the anti-infective discovery process. Today, there are few if any initiatives or networks on the national scene that focus on the early stages of antimicrobial discovery.

This is why, as part of its actions, PROMISE has set up a working group, called AntibioDEAL, which proposes to fill this gap by structuring a network dedicated to preclinical research in antibiotic therapy.

Objectives and methodology

Through AntibioDEAL, PROMISE promotes a network of research units working on the development of new anti-infectious agents. The objective is simple: to structure and coordinate preclinical research. The mission aims to bring together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and establish cohesive nationwide working groups on the aspect of antimicrobial discovery and their preclinical evaluation to combat antimicrobial resistance.

The secondary objectives are, on the one hand, to bring together experts from the academic and industrial sector based in France and on the other hand, to promote future discoveries by sharing expertise, data, knowledge and by identifying bottlenecks. technical and scientific strangulation.

Annual AntibioDEAL days, round tables, surveys and workshops will notably make it possible to establish a report describing a standard operating procedure for the discovery and analysis of new antimicrobials.

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Sequence of work and predominant themes on the clinical research protocol

The work sequence revolves around the establishment of a comprehensive national registry in the field of antibiotic discovery; the creation of working groups of experts who will identify national technical and scientific obstacles to fundamental research and the exploratory discovery of antibiotics; the development of a standard operating procedure for development.

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