PROMISE General Assembly 2023: a successful meeting

On December 4, the PROMISE General Assembly 2023 took place. The event was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lyon. This meeting allowed the members of the meta-network to meet in order to present the work in progress or finalized, to exchange on different themes and to discuss the future of the project. The day was divided into a plenary session, followed by two workshops organized in parallel:

  • Introduction
  • Session 1: Training and awareness
    • Presentation of the work of the Training Working Group
    • Presentation of the work of the Awareness Raising Working Group
    • Discussion around training and communication/awareness
  • Session 2: Antimicrobial resistance surveillance and data exploitation
    • Presentation of the work of the Surveillance Working Group
    • Surv1Health: EcoSur 2 evaluation
    • Presentation of AMR-Env’s work
    • Presentation of the work of the Warehouse Working Group
    • Discussions around monitoring, generated data and their valorization
  • Session 3: From preclinical to clinical research
    • Presentation of AntibioDEAL’s work
    • Presentation of the work of the Clinical Research Working Group
    • Discussions around preclinical and clinical research in infectious diseases
  • Session 4: Next Steps
    • Challenges for 2024
  • Conclusion
  • Workshops
    • “Surveillance Working Group” workshop
    • “Clinical Research Working Group” workshop

This meeting was a success: it brought together nearly 40 participants in person and around ten remotely over the entire day. The members of the PROMISE community met with pleasure, were able to exchange face to face on the actions accomplished within the framework of the project and discussed the prospects for development of each working group. Below you will find some photos from the event.

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